Smokey Appreciation


About Smokey

Smokey is an amazing cat better than any other cat in the world especially ones named 'Daisy'. Smokey is the king of cats and will kick your cats ass anyday. He has lungs of steel and muscles made of rock. He works out 24/7 and is THICK AF!

Reasons Smokey is betther than your cat

  1. He is cute
  2. He is smart
  3. He is kind
  4. He is important
  5. He isnt ugly

Reasons why your cat sucks

  1. Your cat isnt cute
  2. Your cat isnt kind
  3. Your cat isnt important
  4. Your cat is ugly

Ways to appease Smokey

Here are some things us humans can do to appease the king Smokey so he doesnt annihilate our world and kill us all instantly with his super laser eyes.

The only way to his salvation is to appease our king.

Worship King Smokey Today.. Or else...